A cuppa before rush hour. (at Patty & Bun)

The corner of Marylebone (at The Marylebone)

Portobello road market

What’s for lunch (at Camden Market)

Where words fail, music speaks. (at Portobello Road Market)

❤️❤️ Angel. (at Angel)

I could spend the whole day in this lovely small shop in Camden Passage. (at Home & Pantry)

I wanna live here!😍 (at Anthropologie)

Once upon a day at Anthropologie. (at Anthropologie)

Walk along the River Thames. (at London Bridge City Pier)

Enjoying my precious me time, walking alone along portobello road market. (at Portobello Road Market)

Lucky!!! I was in the same train to Liverpool with….. *drum roll*………

Noel Gallagher!!!!! *hyperventilating*

Jolly good! (at Borough Market)

A walk before dawn at St. John’s Garden.