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#pinoditavacation (at Danau Citra Indah)

Enjoying Indonesian tea at the 5th floor. #pinoditavacation (at Urban Kitchen Pacific Place)

Grandpa & grandkids moment ❤️#pinoditavacation

In Kuwait,Indonesia Presidential Election day is tomorrow! Here’s my contribution for candidate number 2, Jokowi-JK. @gerakcepat @gerakcepat_ID #kreasi2kita

Happy Iftar! #ubonkw

Happy tummy! (at Kösèbasį_jabriyah)

Cool & refreshing summer drink. Pretty mason jar by @sebles_store

What’s for lunch?

Craving for greentea noodles from @ubonkw

One bite is never enough. Bite-size chocolate cheesecake @lorenzocafe

Great place for a special weekend lunch @lorenzocafe

Fun photoshoot @lorenzocafe (at The Menus)